Flume Data, Inc. provides off-the-shelf software for integrating exchange-direct market data to the trading and brokerage industries. Flume Data provides the lowest latency and highest efficiency processing of direct exchange-feed data in the industry – and is designed to support analysis-driven trading applications.


Flume supports major US equities and options feeds such as OPRA and ARCA. See “Specifications” for a full list.

Low Latency

Flume runs L1 Equities only in a range of around 20 microseconds at normal market volumes. Adding on a fractional OPRA feed (6 channels) takes the normal market latency to 30 microseconds.

For full details see our latest Performance Test Results

Ease of Installation/Operation:

Our software runs on the same box as your strategy engine.
This offers a number of benefits including:
overall lower systemic latency; no data distribution required; servers act independently of each other (no single point of failure; no impact across servers)

Low Cost

Flume positions itself as the industry leader in price/performance.

Capacity Testing

Flume offers a stand-alone product, Deluge, which simulates peak volume with real data. Turn up the message rate to various multiples of current peaks…from 1x all the way up to 10x…and find out how your systems hold up.


Flume Receiver maintains a complete last-sale last-quote database of 1.5M U.S. securities using 1GB of RAM and minimal CPU resources.

The Flume Difference:

  • low latency to 20 microseconds
  • No dropped messages up to a rate of 2.5 million messages/second - far ahead of current market peaks
  • Requires minimal system resources
    (low CPU utilization)
  • Highest data quality
  • Unmatched price/performance
  • Runs directly on Windows (plus Linux, Solaris, AIX)
  • Runs without Administrator rights (keeps your systems secure)
  • Runs on standard commodity servers