Software solution for integrating exchange-direct market data available to the trading and brokerage industries. Flume Receiver provides ultra-low latency and highest efficiency processing of direct exchange-feed data in the industry - designed to support analysis-driven trading applications.

A few facts about Flume Receiver:

  • Typical latency of 20 microseconds; 75 microseconds at maximum load
  • Runs on commodity servers and blades, reducing capital expense requirements
  • Linux and Windows solutions available
  • Able to perform high-end, real-time analysis of entire North American equity and option universe
  • Most major North American exchanges and feeds supported
  • Small Data Center footprint with low power consumption

Download Flume Data Receiver Brochure


Is your network capable of withstanding short-term data spikes? or longer-term volume growth? Flume's Deluge software allows you to "turn up the volume" and stress your network. Deluge is capable of delivering data up to 10x faster than current, standard rates.


Download Flume Data Receiver Brochure